Kite camp


The conditions in term of temperature, wind and the shallow water makes Zanzibar a paradise for kiter, beginners as well as professionals. We are working closely with a neighbour school. They give very convincing New Teddy’s Discounts. Please send a request via Email for more information.

But also, when you are an advanced kiter you will enjoy these perfect conditions, full moon kites all by yourself and the crystal clear water.


The Wind (Upepo):
From June until end of September the very constant side-onshore Kuzi is blowing from the right. In the morning hours it blows with approximately 12 knots and becomes quite strong in the afternoons with knots around 18-22.
The Kakazi blows from the north between December and April. It is not as constant as Kuzi but can be quite gusty.
But also in between there is wind – just be patient!

The Kite (Kishada):
Most flew kites are sizes 9-12m²

The Water (maji):
Climate from June to September is just perfect. Always around 25-31°C air- and 25-28°C water temperature.


If you are planning to come with a group or if you are interested in special deals that combine accommodation, kite lessons, storage and pick-up service feel free to send an Email to us. We are happy to send you a tailored offer.


After 2 seasons, we finally found our perfect partner. Kiteboarding Zanzibar combines what we really want for our guests:
Safety, reliability, fair prices and excellent quality with great and highly maintained material. The combination of this is not easy to find here.
Buky, the founder was born on Zanzibar. After he finished his studies in the UK he returned to his beloved island and crystal-clear water to set up his dream! And here he is, just opened his 3rd kite school on Zanzibar – and luckily this on is in Paje.
It combines amazing material, awesome trainers with great English knowledge in a stunning environment. Come and see, it will convince you straight away.
Please request prices for beginner, rental or packages here.