Bar & Restaurant

The bar and restaurant area is the heart of New Teddy’s on the Beach. Here is where you get best food and meet great people from all over the world.

As we think holiday is about amazing and fresh food, we are lucky that we have found the most amazing chefs on this island. Flavian and his great team will serve you delicious food which you don’t want to miss for a day. All dishes are always fresh and we offer snacks as well as many main dishes, fresh salads and of course all local specialties. And we also do vegetarian, gluten-free, wheat-free – let’s talk!

We love our bar and you will, too. Its construction is amazing and very inviting. All barmen and women do amazing cocktails as well as juices and smoothies. And they are great to chat to as well. We are happy having an awesome bunch of people who love working with us. You will see what we mean, if you meet them.

Please note, that it is not possible to cook on our premises and that we ask you not to bring your own food and drinks to restaurant and bar. Thanks for your understanding!

Finally we god rid of plastic bottles. We are selling water from the dispenser. You can drink as much as you want and refill as many bottles and glasses you wish for. We will charge only 2.000TZS (less than 1 $) per day per person (kids half price).

Tupo Pamoja.