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Low Season from 1st of April – 15th of June in PAJE

Bed in Dorm20 $
Single Bungalow w bathroom58 $
Single Bungalow w shared bathroom44 $
Double Bungalow w bathroom58 $
Double Bungalow w shared bathroom50 $
Triple Bungalow w bathroom75 $
Triple Bungalow w shared bathroom64 $
Quadruple Bungalow w bathroom93 $

High Season from June 16th – 31st of March in PAJE

Bed in Dorm22 $
Single Bungalow w bathroom65 $
Single Bungalow w shared bathroom50 $
Double Bungalow w bathroom65 $
Double Bungalow w shared bathroom56 $
Triple Bungalow w bathroom85 $
Triple Bungalow w shared bathroom72 $
Quadruple Bungalow w bathroom105 $

Low Season from 1st of April – 15th of June in JAMBIANI

Bed in Dorm23 $
Single Room w bathroom60 $
Single Bungalow w bathroom68 $
Double Room w bathroom60 $
Double Bungalow w bathroom68 $
Triple Bungalow w bathroom81 $
Quadruple Bungalow w bathroom102 $
Quintuple Bungalow w bathroom115 $

High Season from June 16th – 31st of March in JAMBIANI

Bed in Dorm26 $
Single Room w bathroom70 $
Single Bungalow w bathroom80 $
Double Room w bathroom70 $
Double Bungalow w bathroom80 $
Triple Bungalow w bathroom95 $
Quadruple Bungalow w bathroom120 $
Quintuple Bungalow w bathroom135 $

All prices include a fresh and very nice breakfast and a very strong WiFi as  well as 9$ tax per person per night.

Tupo Pamoja.

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Terms/Conditions & Cancellation policy: A 50% deposit is due and payable upon booking. The balance is due upon arrival at the hotel. Should you cancel a confirmed booking, a cancellation fee in percentage of the total costs of the booking will be charged. A 15% administration fee will be charged for all cancellations. For cancellations received less than 5 days prior to scheduled arrival, 20% of total costs will be charged in addition to the non-refundable deposit. For cancellations received less than 48 hours prior to scheduled arrival, 100% of total costs will be charged.

Early leave: after arrival does not oblige to a refund and the full amount must be paid.
For last-minute reservation: we don’t take deposit. But please note that we need the precision of your approximate time of arrival at least 24hours in advance otherwise it might be possible that your reservation is canceled. So, give us a short message if and at what time you will arrive. And if you need somebody to pick you up, you can give us a short message or a call some hours in advance so that we can send our reliable taxi-driver.

Tupo Pamoja.