General questions

How do I get to you?

There are 2 ways: The public transport is called Dala-Dala. It departs right in front of the airport or the ferry. It is not more than 2 Dollar. They charge around 1.000 Schilling extra for a big backpack. Don’t use it in the dark (duration approx. 1.5 hours / sunset approx. 6.30pm)

Can New Teddy’s organise a pick up?

Yes, we can. Our driver will charge 40$ for pick up’s from town (harbour / airport) which you pay directly. The people we work with have proper serviced cars, they all made their driver’s license for real (!) and they are very experienced, reliable and save driver.

Where can I draw cash?

There are plenty ATM’s in town and even one (very new and very temperamental) in Paje.

When is rainy season and does it make sense to come during these months?

We have a big rainy season from April to May and a small one during October and November. The weather is very unpredictable. Sometimes it does only rain for 10 minutes, sometimes for half a day. You never know. It never is cold and it never rains for a couple of days in a row though.

Can I walk around in hot pants?

Here and at the beach feel free to walk around however you want. We highly recommend to cover shoulders and knees on the road, in each village as well as in Stone town.

What’s the difference between New Teddy’s and Original Teddy’s?

We had the idea to open the Island’s first backpacker. So we rented, applied, planned everything and found which you need for opening a business. This partner was a old friend called Teddy. Together we set up the first backpacker on Zanzibar and named it Kizingitini. After a while the name turned into Teddy as no one could remember Kizingitini. Unfortunately in 2014 this Teddy suddenly decided to run the business alone without us as a partner. As we set up everything, had the idea in the first place and of course loved this business like crazy, we decided to just open a NEW Teddy’s. And here we are.

At New Teddy’s

Is New Teddy’s on the Beach save?

New Teddy’s is super save. We have a great 24/7 Security. On the beach and some paths you just need to follow a few rules but then you are totally save.

Do prices include breakfast?

Yes. And a great one too!

Can I wash my own laundry?

No, unfortunately not. But we do have a nice laundry service (500 Schilling per piece

Do you have a safety box?

Each room has its own safety box. The dorms have lockers where you can store your things.

Can I rent a towel?

Yes. A deposit of 20.000 TZS each towel will be given back after return.

Can I bring / cook my own food?

No, unfortunately not.

Can I pay with credit card?

Yes, but only accommodation plus 5% bank fees. All food and drinks must be paid cash.

How much average is the food at New Teddy’s?

4$ to 8$

Around and about New Teddy’s

Are there parties at the Coast?

Plenty! All in walking distance.

Which activities can we do nearby?

Snorkelling, diving, SUP, surfing, dolphin swimming, Jozani Forest and many more

Can you organize activities and how much is it?

We can organize almost everything! Just send an request or negotiate when you are here.

Can we rent bicycles or motorbikes?

Yes you can. Bicycles are around 5$ per day, a scooter starts with 20$

Do you have WiFi?

Yes, we have. And you can even skype. With camera!